April 19, 2023 | Miami, FL


Drew Taylor, PhD

Acorn is a personalized regenerative medicine company.

Acorn's first product is our proprietary stem cell collection kits, with which you can collect and cryogenically freeze cells sourced non-invasively from hair follicles. Sold through clinic partners, this service completely halts the effects of aging, providing you with a collection of your own younger cells, ready for a lifetime of future personalized regenerative medicine.

Acorn also develops applications for patients from the cells in the hair follicle, ranging from near-term stem cell-derived serums rich in growth factor, exosome, and matrix molecules to longer-term stem cell treatments.


Pavel Efremkin
Founder, CEO & CTO

Backed by strong clinical studies and KOL support, Aerolase is a global technology leader in laser skin health and the only manufacturer in the world of portable high-power lasers for aesthetics and dermatology applications. Aerolase delivers a new level of efficacy, safety and patient comfort for a full suite of skin aesthetic and rejuvenation treatments, as well as high efficacy on most widespread dermatological conditions including acne, melasma, psoriasis, onychomycosis. Aerolase has received numerous awards and recognitions in the professional, consumer and media communities, such as the Holy Grail Awards from Cosmopolitan Magazine in both laser categories: Best Facial Laser and Best Acne Laser.
MaryAnn Guerra

MaryAnn Guerra
President & CEO

Aesthetics Biomedical represents a team of the best and the brightest innovators in the global aesthetics market who have created programs that are designed to create optimal results for the consumer. ABM is a thought leader in the innovation of treatment serums, masks, numbing cream and recovery agents to optimize the results of the treatments we design.

Aesthetics Biomedical coined the phrase The Vivace Experience™, to reflect our vision to not only provide a single device—The Vivace—or a product, but to deliver a comprehensive and integrated experience that maximizes the outcome for the patient. It is this advantage we bring to our clients, physicians and consumers alike. We never rest until we know we’re bringing excellence to the market. We integrate state-of-the-art education and training to guarantee the best possible outcomes for our clients and their patients for the lifetime of the relationship.


Amber Edwards
Global Head

ALASTIN Skincare® is a complete skin rejuvenation approach that helps to combat fine lines, wrinklesand other visible signs of aging—both our Daily Restorative Skincare and Procedure Support Skincareproducts are powered by a proprietary technology that supports the production of fresh collagen andelastin, helping to protect and renew skin for a more youthful appearance.

Gerald Fu
Head of Resonic

Allergan Aesthetics an AbbVie company 500x200
At Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, we develop, manufacture, and market a portfolio of leading aesthetics brands and products. Our aesthetics portfolio includes facial injectables, body contouring, plastics, skin care, and more.

With our own research and development team focused on driving innovation in aesthetics, we’re committed to providing the most comprehensive science-based product offerings available.


Daniel Hopkins

AlumierMD is a true professionally-dispensed medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to the latest advancements in Clean Science, and delivering therapeutic outcomes for patients presenting an array of skin conditions and concerns.

AlumierMD delivers its offering with the help of an innovative and proprietary business model which directly shares the margin of every sale with a professional partner, increasing the revenue generating capacity of skincare for its customers and protecting them from unauthorised and discounted online sales.

Jeffrey Hoffman

Jeffrey M. Hoffman
Vice President, Marketing

Apyx Medical, the innovative rising star in the field of advanced energy, emerges from the renowned leader in medical device manufacturing, Bovie® Medical. Apyx Medical is poised to be a solution focused company in surgery markets and the broader medical technology sector and endeavors to provide unique and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of its physician customers and their patients.

Richard C. Jin, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer

BENEV Company Inc. is a Cosmeceutical and topical drug manufacturer and Medical Device Distribution company, founded in Orange County, California that serves the Global Medical Aesthetic Market with Scientifically Advanced, Results-Driven Aesthetic Solutions and Devices that Optimize Skin Health.

Brad Conlan

BIMINI HEALTH TECH is a medical device company that develops, acquires and commercializes targeted bio-therapeutic solutions. Founded in 2013, our focus is on breast reconstruction, aesthetics and sports medicine products & therapies. Our brands include PUREGRAFT®, DERMAPOSE®, HEALEON® and KERASTEM®. Our product portfolio has been successfully used to treat hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.

Niquette Hunt
President & CEO

Candesant Biomedical
Candesant Biomedical is developing a novel approach to energy production – Targeted Alkali Thermolysis (TAT) – for the non-invasive treatment for excessive sweating. More than half of current aesthetic consumers are bothered by their sweating and Candesant is driving the development and commercialization of a sweat control product utilizing the patented TAT technology to provide a solution that is effective for sweat control while being affordable to the consumer and profitable for the physician.

Candesant’s lead product is a topical patch to treat sweating with a quick, in-office procedure. The TAT technology is based on the principle that alkali metals, in contact with water, generate thermal energy.  The company has completed multiple clinical studies, including a successful pivotal trial demonstrating significant sweat reduction benefits lasting up to 3 months after a single, no down-time treatment.

Ryan Beal

Ryan Beal, MD

Dyve Biosciences
Dyve Biosciences, Inc (Dyve) is a clinically validated biotech with assets in immunology and oncology. Dyve develops novel small molecule and biologic drugs by leveraging its proprietary technology platform to design drug candidates in clinically optimized, patient-friendly, topically delivered dosage forms. Our patented emulsion chemistry delivers a broad range of molecules never before possible and does so with needle-like speed and bioavailability, turning the skin tissue into a tunable drug delivery portal for locally optimized or systemic delivery.

Dyve’s lead programs target acidic microenvironments to treat immunological and oncological diseases. Our patented approach to pH modulation, leveraging decades of scientific breakthroughs that have not been translatable to humans, increases the pH of an acidic microenvironment, effectively reversing the extracellular conditions that lead to disease progression.


Lloyd Mahaffeyr

Engage Technologies Group
We elevate engagement and empower stakeholders along every part of the healthcare journey. Our team brings together seasoned professionals with global experience in technology, storytelling, and creative content development.

Natalene Hoepffner
VP, Marketing & Business Development

Swiss based biotech, Fastox, is preparing for a phase I/II clinical trial with FTP-501, a proprietary formulation which, when combined with botulinum toxin products (BoNT), demonstrates faster onset, increased efficacy and longer duration of action. The Fastox research team discovered a unique way to enhance botulinum toxin’s activity with no effect on the fundamental properties of BoNT. Preclinical work has validated the use of FTP-501 with the key BoNT products marketed worldwide.
Stephane Meunier

Stephane Meunier, PhD

Our approach stems from more than two decades of pharmaceutical experience, with a heritage of innovation across a spectrum of specialties. The scientific rigor that is part of our DNA is evident in all we do—including leading the largest clinical trials in the history of cellulite investigation in the US.

Stuart Mohr
VP Marketing & Clinical

We are Jan Marini Skin Research, a San Jose, CA-based company founded in 1994. JMSR is a recognized leader and innovator in skin care that is committed to continually expanding and improving the professional skin care market. JMSR's two primary focuses are to provide innovative technologies that deliver proven measurable results and an unwavering commitment to the ongoing success of our customers.

Alon Bloomenfeld

Raziel Therapeutics
Raziel Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing RZL-012, an injectable New Chemical Entity (NCE), for fat related disorders and Aesthetic indications. RZL-012 exerts its effect via a single multi-injection session in which the compound is injected into subcutaneous fat tissue. The product is capable of killing fat cells, resulting in fat volume reduction and improved dimensions at the treated areas.
Raziel completed enrollment for a US double blind placebo-controlled phase 2b trial (N=150) in subjects seeking submental fat (SMF) reduction. Study results are expected in May 2022. SMF phase 3 studies will initiate by the end of 2022.
Another double blind placebo-controlled phase 2a study is ongoing, testing the effect of RZL-012 on fat reduction in the flanks. Results are expected in July 2022.
Raziel signed a license agreement with Fosun Pharma for RZL-012 commercialization in the big China area.

Caroline (Caro) Van Hove
President & CEO

Revelle Aesthetics
Revelle Aesthetics is a Silicon Valley-based medtech company focused on medical device innovation to address the root cause of women’s unmet aesthetic needs. The company is committed to developing precision technologies that deliver meaningful results for women and reliable outcomes for physicians. Revelle Aesthetic’s first device, Avéli™, allows physicians to predictably and precisely address cellulite dimples from underneath the skin in a single, in-office treatment. www.revelleaesthetics.com www.myaveli.com

Daniel Mazzaferro, MD, MBA
President & Co-Founder

Rheotek Medical
Rheotek Medical is a med tech company that has created a highly functional needle-free injector designed for facial injections. We aim to be the first FDA approved needle-free injector for facial aesthetics, creating a new standard of care for precise, pain-free injections.

Our device delivers precise injections that are nearly pain-free into a pre-determined tissue depth (e.g. dermis, fat, or muscle) depending on the force profile utilized. Similarly, injecting liquids of higher viscosity (filler) can be delivered to the same depth as lower viscosities with adjustments in the force profile. We utilize a highly specialized electro-mechanical system to fine tune the injection force profile and disposable our needle-free syringes to ensure sterility between patients.

The technique of injecting liquids into the skin with needles has remained stagnant for over 100 years. The adverse events associated with this practice include imprecise depth of injection, poor dispersion, wasted product, pain, and risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers. The reliability of needle-free injectors has been proven in the vaccine industry. Additionally, over 20% of Americans have a fear of needles, which often deters a large portion of our population from pursuing aesthetic injections. The use of a highly functional and versatile needle-free injector significantly reduces these negative effects to millions of patients and ensures a medication is reliably delivered to the appropriate depth with no leakage of medication. This device also results in a more reliable dispersion of medication throughout the target tissue to ultimately increase efficacy.

Rheotek Medical’s technology is a significant advancement in delivery systems. Our needle-free device creates an excellent revenue stream similar to a printer and printer cartridge revenue model and attracts new customers who fear needles and pain. With a growing number of minimally trained injectors at med spas and other practices, this technology removes the human error element of each injection. It is also a platform delivery system that has a wide range of indications of use. It is differentiated from the traditional needle and microneedling because it can deliver liquid to a precise depth, vary dispersion, and perform nearly pain free injections. With these advances, we are confident this technology will become the preferred method of delivering aesthetic treatments, recruiting new patients who fear needles or pain, and allowing additional innovation in full face rejuvenation.

Alisa Lask

Alisa Lask

Rion is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a new type of room temperature stable biologic—exosome therapeutics—that activate the body’s innate ability to heal. The company is dedicated to leveraging innovation and technology to make regenerative medicines effective and accessible to any patient, anywhere.

Denise Dajles, PhD
SVP R&D, Regulatory & Quality

Sientra offers leading transformative treatments and technologies focused on progressing the art of plastic surgery and making a difference in patients’ lives. With unrivaled safety, state-of-the-art science and exceptional service, our portfolio of proprietary innovations radically advances how plastic surgeons care for their patients.