Drew Taylor, PhD


With offices in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, U.S., Acorn Biolabs is a next-generation personalized regenerative medicine company with services currently offered at partner clinic locations across North America. Acorn has developed the world’s first non-invasive, follicle-based cell cryopreservation service and has patented cell-based treatments made from a patient’s own hair follicle cells. Learn more at www.acorn.me

Maris Klepetko - Quantiface

Maris Klepetko


We founded aemos to drive aesthetic medicine beyond beauty with artificial intelligence.

“Beyond beauty” means embracing the social impact of aesthetic treatments. The entire industry is trying to move towards this philosophy, but lacks the right tools for this shift. aemos is disrupting the market with a measurable and objective approach to appearance.

Our flagship product, FaceReality (www.face-reality.com), is an iPad-based consultation tool for aesthetic practitioners. We use AI to provide an objective analysis of appearance, and simulate minimally invasive treatments in a realistic and natural way. FaceReality enables socially relevant treatments that impact patients' lives, beyond beauty.

Additionally the aemos Scoring AI is utilised as a secondary endpoint in medical studies. Through our automated and objective appearance analysis, the Scoring AI enables a unique investigation of the impact of treatments, injection techniques and products on the appearance of subjects.


Pavel Efremkin, PhD
Founder & CEO


First-to-market in new product category created by Aerolase of portable highly versatile all-skintype dermatology and aesthetic lasers delivering proven top patient efficacy and practitioner ROI.

Unique technology with proprietary laser pulse parameters designed in-house by internal R&D function. High competitive moats: significant IP and technical knowhow, 100% vertical-integration; strong KOL and influencer support, many accolades, high consumer brand equity

High growth + high profitability, with significant early momentum via expansion of salesforce, product line, and territories including international.

Alan Widgerow ais

Alan D. Widgerow, MBBCh, MMed, FCS, FACS
Chief Scientific Officer - Galderma
Head - Skin Science Institute of Innovation
Head - Alastin Innovations


ALASTIN Skincare® is the complete skin rejuvenation approach for enhancing aesthetic procedures and restoring skin health daily—our science-centered formulations support patients on their journey to achieving healthy, more youthful-looking skin.

Jessie Ochoa ais

Jessie Ochoa
Head of Resonic

Allergan Aesthetics an AbbVie company 500x200

At Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, we develop, manufacture, and market a portfolio of leading aesthetics brands and products. Our aesthetics portfolio includes facial injectables, body contouring, plastics, skin care, and more.
With our own research and development team focused on driving innovation in aesthetics, we’re committed to providing the most comprehensive science-based product offerings available.

Shawn Roman

Shawn Roman


Apyx Medical, the innovative rising star in the field of advanced energy, emerges from the renowned leader in medical device manufacturing, Bovie® Medical. Apyx Medical is poised to be a solution focused company in surgery markets and the broader medical technology sector and endeavors to provide unique and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of its physician customers and their patients.

Irina Erenburg

Irina Erenburg, PhD


AVAVA has created a new paradigm of focus and precision that doesn’t currently exist in aesthetic laser procedures. Our technology goes beyond anything available today through its pinpoint accuracy and predictable delivery. With our unique 3D technology and proprietary Skin AI visualization, AVAVA has unlocked treatment options for every skin tone. Whether your skin is deep brown, warm beige, pale pink - or any tone in between - our smart energy platform will deliver a highly personalized, safe, and effective treatment. This suite of intelligent and personalized procedures delivers consistent outcomes with less pain and downtime for all patients.


Richard C. Jin, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer


BENEV Company Inc. is a Cosmeceutical and topical drug manufacturer and Medical Device Distribution company, founded in Orange County, California that serves the Global Medical Aesthetic Market with Scientifically Advanced, Results-Driven Aesthetic Solutions and Devices that Optimize Skin Health.

niquette hunt

Niquette Hunt
Founder & CEO

Candesant Biomedical

Candesant Biomedical is an early-commercial stage company which has developed a novel approach to energy production – Targeted Alkali Thermolysis (TAT) – for the non-invasive treatment for excessive sweating. More than half of current aesthetic consumers are bothered by their sweating and don’t have a solution for their problem as the current options are painful, invasive and/or have significant side effects.

Candesant recently launched its lead product, the Brella® SweatControl Patch. Brella is the first application of the TAT technology which is based on the principle that alkali metals, in contact with water, generate thermal energy. Brella delivers 3-4 months of sweat reduction after a single treatment by a healthcare provider in a clinical setting. Brella is well tolerated, significantly reduce excessive sweating quickly and easily, and seamlessly integrates into aesthetic practices.

Michael Karavitis

Michael Karavitis
Executive Vice Present, Chief Technology Officer


Brisbane, California-based Cutera, Inc. is a leading provider of aesthetic and dermatology solutions for practitioners globally. For over 25 years, Cutera continues to improve lives through medical aesthetic technologies that are driven by science and powered through partnerships. For more information, call 1-888-4-CUTERA or visit Cutera.com.

Paul Herchman - GetHairMD

Paul Herchman
CEO & Co-Founder


GetHairMD offers a turn key program to treat hair-loss consisting of proven technologies , products and services that are evaluated and selected by a Clinical Advisory Board lead by Plastics Surgeons; Barry DiBernardo , Jason Pozner and Ben Tittle.

The unique business model awards protected geographical territories which are the actual property of the participating physician. GetHairMD’s goal is to ultimately be one of the most trusted brands in treating hair-loss and is building a B2C platform along with recognized Brand Ambassadors, for which the profits from patients residing in established territories will be shared with participating physicians.

Dr Houman Hemmati - Levation

Houman Hemmati, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer


Levation Pharma, Ltd. is an Israeli-American company that was founded on the basis of intellectual property licensed from its Founders and relating to the treatment of Acquired Blepharoptosis. Acquired Blepharoptosis is a condition in which the upper eyelids droop. Though this condition is occasionally seen in association with serious diseases, the majority of patients develop the condition as part of the natural aging process. Some patients with this condition may complain of reduced vision. For those experiencing reduced vision, it may be narrowing of their visual fields or field-of-view especially when looking up. Other patients may complain of an appearance of an elderly eye or face or being fatigued or sleep deprived. Some patients seek treatment for their visual field defects and others seek treatment simply for cosmetic purposes.

Laura Ellis MD - The LevEllis Group

Laura Ellis, MD
President & Co-Founder


The LevEllis Group will manufacture and distribute a novel and disruptive topical human growth factor product for at home use, for sale through medical offices as professional strength and and DTC at a lesser strength.

Dr Cohen - Mage

Steve Cohen, MD


Mage Biotechnologies has created an infrastructure dedicated to pushing the boundaries of science and technology to deliver transformative solutions that foster longevity and well being.

Philippe Calais

Philippe Calais, PharmD, PhD
President, CEO & Director


MatriSys Bioscience is the leader in the topical treatment of skin diseases, using live biotherapeutics and bacterial extracts for both therapeutic and over the counter use.

The company most advanced program is targeting atopic dermatitis, with additional programs in acne, Netherton Syndrome and skin keratoses/aging. The company is in the last stages of concluding 2 collaborations with two different global cosmetic companies. In addition, the company is raising $10M series A to fund its operations going forward.

Sean Shapiro - Medshift

Sean Shapiro
Chief Commercial Officer

medshift logo

MedShift, a medical technology company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is an emerging leader in the healthcare industry. MedShift is one of the largest and fastest growing solution providers to the aesthetic industry and is differentiated by its technology and software as a service focus. The company brings opportunities to drive growth and scale to medical device manufacturers as well as individual medical providers across various markets, including Dermatology, Gynecology, Plastic Surgery, and MedSpa. MedShift's business is centered around four business lines, Specialty Device Subscription Financing, Pulse Connected Product (an IoT product offering), Velocity Technology Suite (Enterprise Software as a Service), and the MedShift Store, an online marketplace featuring a range of complementary products and services that streamline the complex supply-and-demand landscape of
device consumables and injectables. MedShift's mission is to drive business transformation and power sales through the use of modern technology. The company currently has partnered with over 25 aesthetic manufacturers and distributors, a portfolio of 113 devices, and over 2,300 customers.

Kimberly Scott, PA, MBA - Merz

Kimberly Scott
Medical Affairs Clinician


We have been family-owned since 1908 and treat customers, patients and employees like family. It drives our unique connection with health care professionals, and it’s what makes their success our success. For us it’s personal — listening, advising, supporting and celebrating them as we pursue a shared vision to help the world look better, feel better and live better.

We are a leading, global aesthetics business, and our award-winning portfolio of injectables, devices and skin care products help health care professionals fuel confidence through aesthetic medicine.

Drew Fine - Novaestiq

Drew Fine
Chief Commercial Officer


Novaestiq is a private, growth-oriented company that boasts a broad range of aesthetic and dermatology products that are both practice and patient/consumer focused. With a strong emphasis on product and service innovation, customer collaboration, and service excellence, Novaestiq is set to redefine industry standards. www.novaestiq.com

With an expanded portfolio including two FDA-cleared products, two pending FDA submissions, and two candidates approaching Phase 3 trials, Novaestiq is set to realize its vision of Aesthetics for All™.

David Kirn - Orchid

David Kirn, MD


Orchid Holdings LLC is in partnership with Vitatek LLC to develop and bring a novel fat grafting system to market. The Orchid device is a single use, closed loop processing system for small volume fat grafts.


Caroline (Caro) Van Hove

Revelle Aesthetics

Revelle Aesthetics is a Silicon Valley-based medtech company focused on medical device innovation to address the root cause of women’s unmet aesthetic needs. The company is committed to developing precision technologies that deliver meaningful results for women and reliable outcomes for physicians. Revelle Aesthetic’s first device, Avéli™, allows physicians to predictably and precisely address cellulite dimples from underneath the skin in a single, in-office treatment.

Alisa Lask - Rion

Alisa Lask


Rion Aesthetics is a regenerative aesthetics company, founded in Rochester, Minnesota, pioneering the use of platelet-derived exosome technology in investigational studies for hair restoration and facial wrinkles. Backed by over 15 years of visionary science, we aim to transform the regenerative aesthetics market to bring beauty from within.

Our passion for aesthetics and core value of helping people achieve their aesthetic goals is reflected in our robust product portfolio and pipeline. We have investigational studies currently underway for hair restoration and facial wrinkles for potential FDA indications.

From this investigational research, we also discovered the benefits of platelet extract on skin health. Through the launch of ( plated )™ Skin Science, we will transform the skincare market using our revolutionary Renewosome™ technology from platelet extract to help rejuvenate the skin.

Aaron Burton - Sciton

Aaron Burton


Sciton is committed to delivering high-quality laser and light-based solutions to healthcare professionals who value technological excellence, “made in the USA” quality, and exceptional customer support. Sciton's extensive product range covers a variety of applications, including fractional and full-field skin resurfacing, skin revitalization, phototherapy, vascular treatments, scar reduction, acne treatment, body contouring, hair reduction, and women's health. With a global footprint, Sciton conducts direct sales in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, and Japan, while also partnering with distributors in over 45 countries. For further information about Sciton and its product offerings, visit www.sciton.com.

Dina Elsherif - TruFacial

Dina Elsherif


Trufacial is the first hand-held skin rejuvenation system offering professional-quality results from home. As the first and only patented, advanced home skin rejuvenation device, it provides unparalleled convenience while delivering exceptional results. The state-of-the-art professionally designed system seamlessly combines a 3-step process; diamond microdermabrasion (paired with exfoliating serum), massage (paired with brightening, acne or antiaging serum), microneedling dermal roller (paired with hyaluronic serum) to refresh, restore and renew skin with high sustainably sourced serums packed with high-quality ingredients for a truly personalized experience. Tackle aging, texture, acne, and more. Dermatologist and plastic surgeon recommended.