Allergan’s Bill Meury Sees Opportunity in M&A, Millennials, China, and Emerging Options for Toxins

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AIS Podcast | Episode 004


William Meury, EVP, and chief commercial officer, a keynote speaker at the upcoming Aesthetics Innovation Summit, talks shop with AI Podcast co-host Grant Stevens, MD. In this conversation at Dr. Stevens’ office in Marina Del Rey, CA, the two aesthetics leaders swap insights on the meteoric growth of the aesthetics industry driven in large part by the surging millennial market. Meury also dishes on Allergan’s M&A strategy including the fast-acting neurotoxins developed by recently acquired Bonti. And he gives his assessment of the emerging competition for Allergan’s anchor product, Botox. Plus, why is Allergan building an Aesthetics Innovation center in China?

Podcast Guest

William Meury

Chief Commercial Officer