Henry Mentz

Henry Mentz, MD



Dr. Mentz has dedicated the last 25 years of his career in medicine to the art and science of aesthetic plastic surgery.

When Dr. Mentz was completing his general surgery residency, he recognized that his skill and interest drew him to cosmetic plastic and reconstructive work. He enjoyed the attention to detail and the challenges presented by each individual case in facial plastic surgery. He decided to pursue cosmetic surgery as a specialty and entered the plastic surgery fellowship that brought him to Houston.

At the time, there were few programs in the nation with a concentration in aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Mentz feels fortunate to have learned from the most innovative and experienced aesthetic surgeons in the nation.

After more than two decades in private practice, Dr. Mentz has become keenly aware that aesthetic surgery is much more than a physical change. It is about restoring the body, mind and spirit so that patients can approach the next chapter of life with confidence. He has the blessing of partnering with patients and joining them on their journey.

Dr. Mentz’s goal is to find new ways to make plastic surgery better, safer, and more comfortable for his patients and aesthetic patients all over the world through continued thought and innovation.

His expertise in aesthetic surgery and research has attracted the attention of plastic surgeons around the world and allowed for the growing of specialized aesthetic practices, pioneering private research, and improving the experience for each patient. Dr. Mentz has enjoyed sharing these visions and innovations on podiums in more than 12 countries.