Niquette Hunt

Niquette Hunt

President & CEO

Candesant Biomedical


Niquette Hunt is a successful entrepreneur and executive with over 25 years experience in consumer-focused innovation in diverse categories including dermatology, aesthetics and ophthalmology. Ms. Hunt has successfully launched 20+ products and every brand she managed has delivered increased sales, profits, and/or market share.

Ms. Hunt founded Candesant Biomedical with the goal of alleviating the suffering of the underserved 84MM Americans who sweat too much. Candesant is developing a non-invasive treatment that reduces sweating for up to 2 months after a single treatment. Candesant successfully closed Series A financing in 2019.

Ms. Hunt combines the discipline of P&G marketing with experience in biotechnology and medical devices. This gives her a unique perspective, ensuring that products meet clearly defined needs for both the physician and patient.