Tom Seery

Tom Seery

Founder & CEO



Tom Seery is the Founder & CEO of RealSelf, the leading online marketplace for medical aesthetics where consumers can get the information and support needed to make confident decisions and connect with the right doctors. Founded in 2006, RealSelf attracts approximately 10 million unique visitors each month, contributing to millions of patient-doctor connections every year.

At the heart of the RealSelf is transparency, allowing people to find and share authentic personal experiences and unbiased stories about their treatments anonymously, browse millions of before and after photos, research patient satisfaction and treatment pricing and solicit candid advice from doctors. Tens of thousands of medical professionals also participate on RealSelf. To date, doctors have posted nearly two million answers to patient questions and routinely upload educational videos, special offers and patient before and after photos.

Tom’s leadership and innovation led to Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine naming him a Top Influencer and “plastic surgery’s answer to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.”

Prior to RealSelf, Tom was an executive at Expedia, where he developed a $500M private-label travel business, and was an early expert in search engine marketing long before Google was a household name.

Tom sits on the board of ReSurge International, a non-profit that is building reconstructive surgery capacity in developing countries. He holds a Master of Science from Drexel University, MBA from University of Washington and bachelor’s from Connecticut College. He resides in Seattle with his wife and two boys.

Please connect with Tom on Instagram (@realself_tom) and on Twitter (@seery).